Conceiled Air Curtains

Concealed Air Curtains are essential in achieving a minimalist design for architectural glass entrances.  To achieve this, our concealed air curtain mechanisms are remotely located and any visible components such as the grilles are manufactured as a bespoke item to meet the design requirements of the entrance.  Open Entrances’ philosophy for concealed air curtains is that aesthetics should not be compromised by function.

Key Features

  • Concealed Mechanisms provide minimalist design solutions
  • Heat source: electric or water
  • Bespoke visible Grille that meets the required design intent.
Conceiled Air Curtains

Standard air curtains have a bulky range of fan coil equipment which is broken down into its simplest form and arranged to be installed in an adequately sized and ventilated area as close to the entrance as possible -  often within a basement area, storage area, the underside of basement ceilings or a cavity area within a suspended ceiling.

From the location of the fan coil unit, it is possible to pipe into the entrance through the floor, the ceiling or sides, the warm air required to provide a full air curtain, enabling the ambient temperature of choice to be maintained within the lobby area of the building. Air curtains  can be provided via electricity or water depending on the M&E requirements of the building and the visible grilles within the entrance are designed as bespoke items, often in stainless steel, to meet the required design intent.

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