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Welcome to Open Entrances

At Open Architecture and Technology for Entrances, we specialise in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing a diverse range of glass entrance doors and interior solutions. Our approach breaks away from standard limitations, allowing for flexibility in the height and scale of doors and screens.

Continuously challenging conventional norms, we strive to innovate both technically and aesthetically in the realm of glass entrance doors. Recently, we've introduced elegant and distinctive frameless glazing solutions to our product lineup. These additions cater to the growing demand for minimalist designs and full-height panels of glass.

"As a team, we work closely with architects and designers to craft bespoke entrances and pioneering frameless glass solutions, ensuring each project embodies unique creativity and functionality."

Neil Macfarlane | Sales Director


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Learn more about our suite of products and services, we are experts in Open Entrances and offer entrance maintenance too.

Open Entrances frameless glass system has no visible perimeter metal frame and focuses on style and sophistication. Fixings, connections and components are concealed behind a ceramic band (available in any RAL colour) providing an unobtrusive view of glass both internally and externally.

Ready to elevate your space with our frameless glass doors? Contact Open Entrances today to discuss your project requirements and schedule a consultation with our team of experts. Let us help you transform your space with our innovative and stylish frameless glass solutions.

Open Entrances has developed an elegant and effortless Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Door mechanism to add to its product range. It enables a visually seamless Multi-Panel façade or Multi-Panel partition line to exist when the panel in question is in the closed position, whilst offering the natural advantages of a standard opening door leaf.

Single curved screen/door  |  Bi-parting curved doors/screen  |  Curved bi-parting drum slider

As with the linear sliding mechanisms, Open Entrances engineers its curved sliding mechanisms to manoeuvre a curved screen, bi-parting curved doors or a curved bi-parting drum slider.  Drive mechanisms are conceiled either in the soffit above the door or below ground to provide an unobtrusive installation.

Glass Revolving Doors & Oversized (tall) Revolving Doors up to 6M tall. Open Entrances is a leading UK supplier, manufacturer and installer of oversized revolving glass door systems that are tailor made to the clients revolving door requirements. 

As our Revolving Doors are custom built there are fewer constraints on diameter and height. Our oversized glass revolving doors offer dramatic architectural appeal and comes in a wide selection of revolving door wing configurations, revolving door glazing options, revolving door sensors and revolving door security features.

Oversized Manual and Automatic Swing Doors up to 6 metres in hight can be achieved due to our commitment to provide custom built Manual Swing Doors and tailor made Automatic Swing Doors that meet the architects' and clients' expectations.

Concealed Air Curtains are essential in achieving a minimalist design for architectural glass entrances. To achieve this, our concealed air curtain mechanisms are remotely located and any visible components such as the grilles are manufactured as a bespoke item to meet the design requirements of the entrance. Open Entrances’ philosophy for concealed air curtains is that aesthetics should not be compromised by function.

We consider Bespoke Structural Glazing and Architectural Glass Solutions as the fun part of our business; for every glazing problem, there is always a unique and innovative solution to be found. 

Our creativity, attention to detail and quality of service has lead us to develop custom structural glazing products such as: lifting and sliding glass roofs, oversized revolving and sliding doors to heights of over 6 metres, multi-panelled sliding glass windows/partitions and cantilevered glass staircases with glass landings

Open Entrances offers Collaborative Product Development (CPD) and Collaborative Product Design services to architects and designers for projects that require unique inovative glass solutions. Open Entrances' approach to architecture and engineering has enabled the successful production of a whole range of Collaborative Product Design-led products and engagement with a fantastic range of architectural projects that require a bespoke resolution.

Working with you

Open Entrances - Client Projects : Where innovation in architectural entrances meets unparalleled functionality. Step into our world of cutting-edge design and explore our diverse range of client projects that redefine the very essence of modern entrances. From striking revolving doors to sleek curved sliding doors, from elegant frameless glass façades to seamless frameless glass doors, our portfolio showcases the epitome of sophistication and style. Experience the seamless operation of our linear sliding doors, the grace of our swing doors, and the efficiency of our architectural air curtains. Moreover, delve into the realm of collaborative product design, where we join forces with our clients to bring visionary concepts to life.

Join us on this journey as we open doors to a new era of architectural excellence.

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