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Architectural Glass Solutions <p>We consider Bespoke Structural Glazing and Architectural Glass Solutions as the fun part of our business; for every glazing problem, there is always a unique and innovative solution to be found.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our creativity, attention to detail and quality of service has lead us to develop custom structural glazing products such as: lifting and sliding glass roofs, oversized revolving and sliding doors to heights of over 6 metres, multi-panelled sliding glass windows/partitions and cantilevered glass staircases with glass landings.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We work closely with Architects and Designers and always striving to harmonise form and function.&nbsp; With over 60 cumulative years of experience in the structural glazing industry we provide design solutions that continually pushing the boundaries of conventional glazing techniques.</p> <p>Our team can help you and your project with the following services:-</p> <ul> <li>Research</li> <li>Design</li> <li>Development</li> <li>Manufacturing</li> <li>Installation</li> <li>Aftercare</li> </ul> <p>With our comprehensive knowledge of the <strong>Building Regulations</strong> that surround Structural Glazing and Architectural Glass Solutions, you can be confident that our team can help you with your specific Architectural Glass needs.&nbsp; <a href="index.php?option=com_e1_contact&amp;view=contactmessageform&amp;Itemid=132">Contact Us Today</a>.</p> Work closely with Architects and Designers to develop innovative architectural gass solutions. 60 plus years experience in the Structural Glazing and Architectual Glass Entrances industry. Comprehensive knowledge of the Building Regulations that surround Structural Glazing and Architectural Glass Solutions {"image":[],"youtube":[],"alt":[],"title":[]} philip Hits: 2779
Collaborative Product Design <p>Open Entrances offers Collaborative Product Development (CPD) and Collaborative Product Design services to architects and designers for projects that require unique inovative glass solutions.&nbsp; Open Entrances' approach to architecture and engineering has enabled the successful production of a whole range of Collaborative Product Design-led products and engagement with a fantastic range of architectural projects that require a bespoke resolution.</p> <p>Below is a sample of some of the past and present Collaborative Product Design and Collaborative Product Developments that we have worked on</p> <ul> <li>Development of our frameless glass system to a fully certified façade system, including spandrel panels, with no mullions or transoms. The project also looks to combine a series panels with&nbsp; pivoting and drive in/drive out mechanisms to produce a fully operable façade.</li> <li>Design and choreography of a bank of 12 centrally pivoted panels 5300mm high by 2300mm wide to open and close at the touch of a button.</li> <li>Design of an all glass balcony system with concealed fixings and structural connections.</li> <li>Design of a sliding glass façade system to slide beneath ground to basement level on a residential property, allowing total freedom between living space and patio area.</li> <li>Design of a series of internal walls which doubled as bookcases, separating one room from another. The bookcases were automated to enable them to slide and stack in a corner of the property, thus enabling an open-plan arrangement.</li> <li>Design of an all glass canopy with concealed fixings and structural connections.</li> <li>Design of a sliding glass roof utilising jumbo sheets of glass.</li> <li>Design of aluminium filtered ventilation cylinders on large fixed glass windows for university teaching laboratories.</li> <li>Design of stainless steel cover plates, air supply grilles and drainage channels for a variety of projects.</li> </ul> Detailed understanding of Glass Building Regulation requirements for entrances. 60+ years cumulative experience in the architectural glass industry. Shorter lead times for product development/implementation. Our detailed product knowledge increases project success. {"image":["images/portfolio/featured-glass-solutions_fournier-street-02.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":[""],"title":[""]} philip Hits: 2939
Concealed Air Curtains <p>Concealed Air Curtains are essential in achieving a minimalist design for architectural glass entrances.&nbsp; To achieve this, our concealed air curtain mechanisms are remotely located and any visible components such as the grilles are manufactured as a bespoke item to meet the design requirements of the entrance.&nbsp; Open Entrances’ philosophy for concealed air curtains is that aesthetics should not be compromised by function.</p> <p>Standard air curtains have a bulky range of fan coil equipment which is broken down into its simplest form and arranged to be installed in an adequately sized and ventilated area as close to the entrance as possible -&nbsp; often within a basement area, storage area, the underside of basement ceilings or a cavity area within a suspended ceiling.</p> <p>From the location of the fan coil unit, it is possible to pipe into the entrance through the floor, the ceiling or sides, the warm air required to provide a full air curtain, enabling the ambient temperature of choice to be maintained within the lobby area of the building. Air curtains&nbsp; can be provided via electricity or water depending on the M&amp;E requirements of the building and the visible grilles within the entrance are designed as bespoke items, often in stainless steel, to meet the required design intent.</p> Concealed Mechanisms provide minimalist design solutions Heat source: electric or water Bespoke visible Grille that meets the required design intent. <p>The efficiency of Open Entrances' air curtains relies on the location and orientation of the building that they are installed in. Sophisticated data and analysis is required to achieve a full and effective air curtain and thus&nbsp; BRE data and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programming studies are combined to simulate the entrance prior to installation.</p> <p>The simulations reveal the air recirculation zones, areas of energy losses and levels of turbulence when different air velocities are applied to the model, taking the external factors into account. The result is thus a comparable measured effectiveness of the air curtain at different velocities and volumes and forms the specification for the type and size of fan coil unit and connecting pipe work to be installed.</p> {"image":["images/portfolio/air-curtain_12-arthur-street-01.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Conceiled Air Curtains"],"title":["Minimalist Conceiled Air Curtains"]} philip Hits: 3074
Curved Sliding Doors <p>Our curved sliding door mechanism is available in three configurations:</p> <ul> <li>Single curved screen/door</li> <li>Bi-parting curved doors/screen</li> <li>Curved bi-parting drum slider</li> </ul> <p>As with the linear sliding mechanisms, Open Entrances engineers its curved sliding mechanisms to manoeuvre a curved screen, bi-parting curved doors or a curved bi-parting drum slider.&nbsp; Drive mechanisms are conceiled either in the soffit above the door or below ground to provide an unobtrusive installation.</p> <p>As with its linear sliding mechanisms, Open Entrances engineers its curved sliding mechanisms to provide a solution to meet the demands of the design intent relevant to each project.

&nbsp; This enables efficient, safe and reliable automation for each project, either from above soffit or below ground. The aim&nbsp; is also to ensure that any required structural elements do not impinge on the adjacent façade or partitions and that the solutions are designed as stand alone configurations.

 In the event of Open Entrances' curved sliding mechanisms being used within an entrance, a design philosophy has been developed that focuses on minimalism and transparency. The company's signature all-glass drums achieve the tightest possible radii with no blemishes, stretch marks or roller wave distortion that are inherent problems associated with curved glass.

 Open Entrances rejects the necessity for a solid metal lid or ‘top hat’, just to make life easier by installing mechanisms overhead. Instead, the company endeavours to conceal its curved sliding mechanisms beneath finished floor level, affording the entrance to incorporate a glass canopy where appropriate. Glass drum walls are produced in one piece to minimise the necessity for profiles, creating uninterrupted curves, whilst the company's trademark bull nose curve connections between drum and façade further enhance the clarity of the work.

 On projects that require alternative cladding resources such as metal, timber, composite products or even leather,&nbsp; the highest class materials are utilised. The quality of design and finish that has allowed Open Entrances to establish itself as a global leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke façade and entrance solutions.</p> All-glass drums achieve the tightest possible radii with no blemishes, stretch marks or roller wave distortion that are inherent problems associated with curved glass Height is not constrained by conventional sliding door limitations. Door Heights of 6m and above are achievable. Available in three configurations: curved screen, bi-parting curved doors & curved bi-parting drum slider Fully automatic (PIR) or manual (control switch) operation {"image":["images/portfolio/circular-sliding-doors_monsoon-accessorize-hq-01.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Oversized Circular Sliding Doors"],"title":["Oversized Circular Sliding Doors Supplier UK"]} philip Hits: 3736
Frameless Glass Façades & Frameless Glass Doors <p>Open Entrances frameless glass system has no visible perimeter metal frame and focuses on style and sophistication. Fixings, connections and components are concealed behind a ceramic band (available in any RAL colour) providing an unobtrusive view of glass both internally and externally.</p> <p>The visually minimalist approach to glass facades utilises a single sheet of glass, although in practice this is often to the detriment of the building fabric in terms of U-value, solar control and acoustics. The glass is also a fixed solution, with weather and air tightness provided a silicone seal.
In addition, if any part of the façade is to be kinetic, single glass panels have further disadvantages. There is no alternative but to surface mount all of the required hardware, or in addition, to introduce a frame which detracts from the original idea of minimalism. 

Open Entrances solution is the realisation of a frameless glass system that has no visible perimeter metal frame and focuses on style and sophistication. A ceramic band of paint, available in any RAL colour, is applied around the edge to the inner face of each glass sheet. The sheets are then combined to form a hermetically sealed, double glazed unit. The particular method of constructing the panels and the materials used ensures that they are thermally broken and can be constructed to over 6m in height, whilst structurally withstanding a high level of wind-loading. Integrated gaskets and seals ensure weather and air tightness on panels that are required to move.

 The result is a continuously reflective surface with minimal interruption. Secret fixings, connections and components are concealed behind the ceramic band and therefore a totally unobtrusive view of glass is provided both internally and externally.

 Open Entrances is fully committed to reducing C02 emissions by using the highest performing systems and the latest glass technology available. The system therefore performs to the highest of standards; U-values of less than 1.4w/m² ºC are achievable and with the addition of solar coatings, there is compliance with the most rigorous of Part L Building Regulations and MINERGIE® standards.

 The frameless glass system can be successfully combined with any of Open Entrances' mechanical products and can be designed to fit within a wide range of existing façade conditions and systems. A high level of acoustic rating can be achieved so that the glass panels can be utilised as an internal partition system if desired.</p> no visible perimeter metal frame continuously reflective surface with minimal interruption integrated gaskets and seals ensure weather and air tightness Available up to 6m in height high level of acoustic rating {"image":["images/portfolio/frameless-glass_royal-festival-hall-02.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Oversized Frameless Glass Doors"],"title":["Oversized Frameless Glass Doors and Frameless Glass Panels"]} {"file":[""],"title":[""],"description":[""]} philip Hits: 4370
Glass Maintenance <p>Open Entrances in conjunction with our parent company <a href="http://www.glassaftercare.com/" target="_blank">Glass Aftercare</a> offer a full Glass Maintenance Service and Repair package. With an eye for detail, our extensive team of skilled technicians will respond quickly and efficiently to all your enquiries. 

</p> <p>Our aim is to always ensure as far as is practically possible to cure the problem in the first visit, which means first of all carrying key components when visiting site. If the client can detail the particular location of the problem item, then assisted with our detailed asset register, the engineer will be well prepared to diagnose and rectify any faults.</p> <p>If any more work is required then a fixed price quotation will be raised by return, ensuring a planned visit at a time most convenient to the client. 

<br /> <br /> Also linked to our bespoke in-house Asset Management System, Open Entrances provides all our clients with up to date management information, highlighting problem areas, minimising costs and enabling sound and sensible planning.</p> Full Repair Service Full Installation Service
 Call-Out Facility Strategic Planning Budgetary and Costing Analysis {"image":["images/portfolio/full-maintenance-program.jpg"],"youtube":["https://youtu.be/UnizQtJfpVk"],"alt":["Glass Facilities Management - Glass Full Maintenance Program"],"title":["Glass Facilities Management - Glass Full Maintenance Program"]} philip Hits: 3214
Linear Sliding Doors <p>Linear sliding doors and screens with heights in excess of 6 Metres.&nbsp; Due to the robustness of our mechanisms the only limitation to the height of the Linear sliding doors is the weight of the panels being moved.</p> <p>All of Open Entrances' sliding door mechanisms are constructed with the use of AC or DC motors commensurate with the height, width and weight of the movable panels that they are designed for, be they glass, metal, timber or any other material and are intended to operate smoothly with minimal sound.

</p> <p>Once the design and material intent of each project has been advised , Open Entrances carries out a series of engineering calculations to determine the suitable drive mechanism relative to the weight being moved. It is also established whether the structural support within the vicinity of the sliding doors affords the ability to construct concealed mechanics either above soffit or below ground.</p> <p>

On projects that require especially tall or heavy doors that weigh in excess of one tonne, it becomes appropriate to drive the panels primarily from beneath finished floor, with a secondary slave mechanism located within the soffit.

</p> <p>The subsequent phases of design and engineering take into consideration the architect/designers’ wishes in relation to aesthetic detailing and co-ordination with other trade contractors, before proceeding to manufacture and installation.</p> <p>

All of Open Entrances' activation and safety equipment, radars, sensors and PIR’s (passive infra red sensors), are installed so that the items are incorporated within the doorway surround and suitably suppressed or concealed, thus ensuring no unsightly items are seen to detract from the architecture and material finishes on show.</p> Height is not constrained by conventional sliding door limitations. Sliding doors in excess of 6 metres in height Fully automatic (PIR) or manual (control switch) operation Activation/safety devices concealed/incorporated into doorway surround. {"image":["images/portfolio/linear-sliding-doors_city-point-moorgate-01.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Oversized Linear Sliding Doors"],"title":["Oversized Linear Sliding Doors"]} philip Hits: 3677
Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Doors <p>Open Entrances has developed an elegant and effortless Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Door mechanism to add to its product range. It enables a visually seamless Multi-Panel façade or Multi-Panel partition line to exist when the panel in question is in the closed position, whilst offering the natural advantages of a standard opening door leaf.</p> <p>During its opening movement, the Multi-Panel Sliding Glass mechanism allows the moving panel to project inside or outside the plane of the adjacent fixed façade/ partition line before sliding in a parallel plane and coming to rest in the open position.</p> <p>Throughout its closing motion, the moving panel slides back along the same parallel plane, before closing flush with the façade or partition, enabling the architectural integrity of the design to remain in its entirety.

</p> <p>Depending on the size and therefore the weight of opening panel, this mechanism is also available in a manual version, which has been recently combined with Open Entrances' frameless glass façade and door system to create a unique patio door set.

</p> <p>As with&nbsp; all of the company's automatic sliding door mechanisms, the drive in/drive out mechanism is constructed with the use of AC or DC motors commensurate with the height, width and weight of the movable panels that they are designed for and are concealed above the soffit or below finished floor level.

 Furthermore, the casing and cover plate of the drive unit, which runs the length of the opening panels can be adapted to individual requirements to achieve a harmonious and balanced appearance with the surrounding floor and ceiling finishes.</p> Width and height is not constrained by conventional sliding door limitations. Panels are flush when closed Automatic and Manual operation Active and passive sealing strategy. {"image":["images/portfolio/drive-in-drive-out-sliding-doors-01.jpg"],"youtube":["https://youtu.be/aGton2ZUoJw"],"alt":["Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Doors - Extra Wide Sliding Doors"],"title":["Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Doors - Extra Wide Sliding Doors"]} philip Hits: 2960
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Revolving Doors <p>Glass Revolving Doors &amp; Oversized (tall) Revolving Doors up to 6M tall. Open Entrances is a leading UK supplier, manufacturer and installer of oversized revolving glass door systems that are tailor made to the clients revolving door requirements.&nbsp; As our Revolving Doors are custom built there are fewer constraints on diameter and height. Our oversized glass revolving doors offer dramatic architectural appeal and comes in a wide selection of revolving door wing configurations, revolving door glazing options, revolving door sensors and revolving door security features.</p> <p>Open Entrances' oversized (tall) revolving doors are produced under the same philosophy as its curved drum sliders, promoting clean lines and simplicity. The diligence in performing and investing in research and development, means a constant review of materials and products that can assist in further streamlining solutions and removing unsightly items on show.</p> Height and Diameter of Oversized Revolving Doors are not constrained by product varients (custom built to meet architects and designers requirements). Wide selection of Tall Revolving door wing configurations. Discrete Revolving Door mechanisms provide stylish and elegant design solutions Unobtrusive Tall Revolving Door safety and security technology. <p>As in all cases of manufactured products, the taller, heavier and wider the product, the more obtrusive the structural materials become in order to provide stability. This is no different with the design of revolving doors. However, Open Entrances looks to the aerospace industry, Formula One R&amp;D centres, university laboratories and others to provide an insight into completely different fields. This approach may, with lateral thinking, afford the company the opportunity to enhance its product range with clever and discreet components.
</p> <p>Stainless steel and carbon fibre are utilised in many instances so that the frames and profiles forming and surrounding the doors are designed and engineered to their minimum sizes, whilst still providing optimum performance and structural integrity. Research into safety equipment now allows the installation of discreet emitters and receivers, the size of a 5p coin, which monitor door safety and security at all times over tremendous distances and replacing bulky, surface mounted standard safety equipment.

</p> <p>Finely tuned safety solutions and specialist mechanisms enable 6m high doors to perform efficiently, whilst still providing pinpoint accuracy to stop doors dead, should a potential safety issue arise.

</p> <p>The unobtrusive nature of Open Entrances' engineering therefore means that sleek designs are maintained and that the architectural grandeur associated with sizeable entrances is endorsed.</p> {"image":["images/portfolio/revolving-doors_10-new-burlington-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_30-finsbury-square-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_6-tower-place-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_belgrave-house-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_greater-london-assembly-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_paternoster-square-01.jpg","images/portfolio/revolving-doors_strata-tower-01.jpg"],"youtube":["","","","","","",""],"alt":["Oversized Revolving Doors","Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors","Tall Revolving Doors","Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors"],"title":["Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors","Oversized Revolving Doors and Tall Revolving Doors"]} philip Hits: 4660
Structural Glass Entrances Unpublished <p>Hidden mechanisms within the wall cavity provide clean lines for interior finishing</p> {"image":["images/portfolio/linear-sliding-doors_66-porchester-road-04.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Structural Glass Entrances"],"title":["Structural Glass Entrances"]} philip Hits: 390
Swing Doors <p>Oversized Manual and Automatic Swing Doors up to 6 metres in hight can be achieved due to our commitment to provide custom built Manual Swing Doors and tailor made Automatic Swing Doors that meet the architects' and clients' expectations.</p> <p>Tall doors of every description and material play an important role in architecture and design. Open Entrances' expertise ensures that they are well designed for their purpose and the conditions that they are subject to, ensuring that they can be utilised in a reliable, safe and correct manner.</p> <p>Mass produced equipment for manual and automatic doors can only service a door up to a maximum height and width, typically no more than 2800mm high and 1200mm wide. It is beyond these limitations however where Open Entrances specialises, combining high quality engineering with architectural merit.</p> <p>The company's consultant structural engineers play an important role in certifying that the swing doors will cover every relevant aspect in achieving Health &amp; Safety and DDA requirements, whilst providing an elegant doorway which has clean lines and no visible or unsightly items attached, detracting from the beauty of the entrance.An holistic approach to the design of swing doors means that the company advises&nbsp; whether the project would benefit from being operated manually, semi-automatically or automatically.</p> Swing Door heights in excess of 6 metres Available in Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic configurations Concealed mechanisms provide clean lines and elegance. Meet Health & Safety and DDA requirements. <p><strong>For doors that are operated manually</strong> there is a range of heavy duty products that can feasibly operate doors up to 600kg. The interior elements of the floor spring are filled with oil, reducing the amount of friction within the pivot to a bare minimum and thus enabling heavier doors to open and close under manual operation, whilst the heavy duty axle bearings carry the load of the floor spring spindle. A safety valve also prevents vital parts of the floor spring from breaking, even when the door is forced shut.

</p> <p>Additional products, including friction stays and back checks, can also be installed to ensure that doors open and close smoothly, limiting any damage to the user and the doors themselves from swinging too quickly.</p> <p><strong>

For automatic swing doors</strong> cleverly engineered automatic electromechanical swing door operators are available for both opening and closing, concealed within the floor, to drive doors in excess of 500kg. This mechanism has been developed to overcome the inherent shortfalls of other products available on the market, namely the hydraulic action of closing doors in pressurised and high wind locations.</p> <p>The operator is completely concealed beneath finished floor and can be supplied with an inverted tray to continue floor finish material, thus avoiding visible stainless steel cover plates.</p> {"image":["images/portfolio/swing-doors_uffizi-hair-and-beauty-01.jpg"],"youtube":[""],"alt":["Oversized Swing Doors"],"title":["Oversized Swing Doors and Tall Automatic Swing Doors"]} philip Hits: 3161


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