Glass as a Sustainable Material

glass as a sustainable materialIs Glass a Sustainable Material?

Open Entrances' products consist largely of glass, which is a unique sustainable material because its manufacture makes relatively small demands on the environment. It essentially uses minerals to produce a benign non-toxic product which is "infinitely recyclable" while conserving its properties.

Manufacturing energy consumption, which is closely linked to global warming, has been halved over the past 20 years. The glass manufacturing industry is committed to a programme of energy efficiency measures which will ensure continued improvements.

The recycling of glass reduces the quantity of waste to be treated or dumped, thereby allowing, in addition to reducing environmental damage, savings on waste transport and disposal costs. It is an inert material -  that is, it does not contaminate the environment from which it is slowly transformed into silicates. What is more, it is also an ideal material to block dangerous components that can be fused in glass and made inert in its structure.


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